Injury Report

Injuries as of 01-02-2017

Name Pos Team Date Injury Days WC Round Conf Round
Jack Sullivan T Anaheim Steamroller 12-11 Knee derangement 9 Out Probable
Mark Peoples LB Anaheim Steamroller 12-18 Ankle ligament sprain 5 Questionable Probable
Bill Reynolds K Houston Skorpions 01-01 MCL sprain 51 Out Out
Bob Wasylishen CB Miami Bee Hind 01-01 Wrist inflammation 9 Out Probable
Willard Byrd C Milwaukee Kringle's 12-25 Wrist fracture 44 Out Out
Chris Morton RB Nashville Hunters 12-25 Moderate concussion 5 Questionable Probable
Perry Moore LB New York GMEN 01-01 Knee contusion 7 Doubtful Probable
George Wells G San Antonio Dragons 12-25 Rib fracture 20 Out Out
Jon Verba G San Antonio Dragons 12-11 Ankle ligament sprain 2 Probable Probable
9 players are currently injured in the Peyton Manning Football League.