About Sim Dynasty

Sim Dynasty is a private firm, started in the fall of 2000. I owe the concept to my younger days, where I spent far too many hours contemplating sports statistics and playing the old Stratomatic Baseball board game. I have spent my life working for other people in the IT and E-Commerce worlds, and have a deep passion for sports, simulations, and the web.

In reality, we all wish we could own our own professional sports team. But who has $500 million laying around, right? That's why I have created this company, to give people a chance to run their own teams in the most realistic manner possible, but also to compete against one another while doing it. My goal is to provide a fun and competitive medium that challenges the intelligent fan.

Sim Dynasty has come a long way since its humble beginnings. The site was started by me alone and with 1 Dynasty league and about 100 total owners - single season and Dynasty league. Today we have nearly 50,000 users, close to 300 active leagues, 3 employees, and even more volunteers. The game has changed a lot in the last few years - thanks to our dedicated fans and the ideas they bring to make the game better.

Tyson Lowery
Creator of Sim Dynasty


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