Site Security Update
While I have not yet been able to determine conclusively that a recent site security breach has occurred, I have identified several areas where site security could be improved. Techniques that were "good enough" ten years ago are no longer as secure.

I am working now on upgrading the identified areas; when the changes are implemented, you will be required to change your password so it can be re-encoded using the newer methods. Please take a moment to check your Owner Profile and make sure your E-mail address on file is correct; otherwise, you will not be able to reset your password if needed.
Credit Karma is reporting a data breach for Note the spelling; that is not our site name. I don't know if this is the beginning of some sort of extortion attempt on us (it wouldn't be the first time), or if it's valid and Credit Karma simply misspelled the site name. We are investigating it now. They appear to at least have some email addresses, but those are easily scraped from the site or forum for anyone who has their email address visible. The supposed password they had for me only showed asterisks and was far too short for any password I have had in the last ten years.

You may recall that ten years ago we did have a genuine site breach; the person behind the breach had brief access to an administrative tool where passwords could be looked up, and was able to scrape the email addresses from the forum. As a result, we replaced the forum software and the site security was upgraded. All passwords now are stored in an encrypted form so even Admin can't look them up, only replace them. The forum software similarly encrypts passwords. Without the "salt" applied to the encrypted password hashes, decrypting them to plaintext would be a time-consuming brute-force endeavor.

Nevertheless, we are investigating if a breach did or could take place. I suspect someone has a file of E-mail addresses with random asterisks. But it never hurts to change your password and make sure you aren't using the same password on multiple sites.

Forum Update
As I am sure you are all aware, the forum issues have gotten so severe that it has become practically impossible to use the forum.

Due to the persistent forum issues, I have stopped trying to fix and patch the server and instead tore it down and rebuilt it completely with more modern underpinnings. The rebuilt forum is now available.

Waiver Undo Change
We have had issues with the Waiver Undo function being abused. Waiver Undos will no longer be available for 5 minutes after a game starts, so you will not be able to undo auto-waivers due to roster limit violations. Please be careful with waivers made immediately after the beginning of a game; Admin will not undo auto-waivers or waivers made within 5 minutes after a game starts.

Subscription Name Change
I've gotten questions about the PayPal subscription now showing "Teelo Technologies" rather than "Sim Dynasty". Teelo Technologies has always been the legal name of Sim Dynasty; it is named for our founder, Tyson Lowery. There has been no change to Sim Dynasty's ownership, it is just a display change on PayPal.

Important Note on Multiple Accounts and Rules
When you sign up for the site, you agree to follow the rules of the site. We have had some incidents that require clarification. Please read the statement on this subject in the News forum and if you need a refresher on the rules, you can review the rules here.

Your continued use of the site indicates acknowledgement that you have read the News post above and the Site Rules and agree to both.

Football changes for October 2018 installed
Changes have been installed for football, including some bug fixes, a new timeout strategy rule for the defense, and an adjustment to centers. See the News post in the forum for details.

Old U2Us now available
The old forum browser now supports your old U2U box. It is read-only like the rest of the browser, but you will have access to the messages at least. The old forum browser can be found here, and is now accessible under the Message Board menu option as well.

Experimental access to the old forums available
We've created an experimental browser for the old forums. This is a very rudimentary browser: attachments won't be visible, polls won't be visible, links won't be clickable, many formatting commands may not display properly, and there is no Search function. But the majority of what you need to look at the old forums is in place. If you have any problems with it, please create a support ticket.

Changes for July 2018
The following changes will be active starting July 18:

  • Premium League will have the option to skip overtime for preseason games.
  • In overtime, both teams will get at least one possession unless the first team with possession scores a touchdown.
  • Advanced rules or Fourth Down Situations rules that specify to "go for it" will now override the last second field goal rules. Previously, the last second field goal rules took precedence.
  • Support has been added for 8, 12 and 20 team leagues, joining the existing 16, 24, and 32 team leagues.
  • A Help link has been added to the Dynasty Vision display.
  • The Rulebook is being updated to be laid out in a manner similar to the NFL Rulebook to make it easier to locate information.

Notes on Waive Priority
We have noticed that a few owners appear to be using Waive Priority in the opposite manner in which it is intended. The WP setting on your Roster page indicates the order in which you would prefer players to be waived, rather than just taking the lowest rated inactive player. However, I am seeing Waive Priorities set on highly rated active players, as if it were a "Waive Protection". This is not the case. If a player has a WP of 1 set, he will be auto-waived the next time your roster is out of compliance even if he is an active starter. For more information, see the Game Guide.

Trade Advice page fixed
The Trade Advice page has been fixed. Selecting Advice on a trade will now properly create an advice request on the forum.

Site Rules Updated
The Site Rules have been updated. Most of the changes are simple clarifications of existing rules, such as:

  • The minimum age to play Sim Dynasty is 13 years old.
  • Only one account is allowed per owner.
  • Restrictions on profanity, personal attacks, etc. extend to all communications (team notes, trade notes, player names, etc.), not just forum posts.
There are a couple of genuine "new rules" but these are essentially extensions of existing rules:
  • Being generally obnoxious is now against the rules. We had rules against attacking other players, profanity, or disrupting the league, but occasionally someone would work to find the exact spot where they could hover just out of range of these rules and still cause others grief.
  • Although we allow multiple owners from the same IP address (family members, co-workers, etc.) within a league, we will no longer allow owners from related addresses to vote on each other's trades and we require that real-world relationships be disclosed in the league forum.
Please take a moment to read the site rules as your coninued play represents your agreement to follow them.

Commishes: Log in for other owners
Commishes can now log in as owners of teams that are for sale. You will find a Log In link on the League Info page. Again, this has not been as rigorously tested as I normally like so you may run into pages that say you aren't the owner. If this happens, please create a support ticket.

Join us on Facebook
Join your fellow owners in discussing Sim Dynasty, the NFL, and MLB on Facebook. We'll occasionally post special offers and giveaways exclusively for our Facebook fans, so please visit our Facebook page and click on "Like" to be one of the first to know and be eligible for prize giveaways such as free teams and T-Shirts!

Not receiving Sim Dynasty emails?
If you aren't receiving the verification email, or any other email from us, please see these notes that we put together on how to resolve this with various email services. Email Filters and White Lists