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League status: Playing Conference Playoffs, first quarter completed
League Date: 01-15-2012
League Type: Single Season
Last quarter played at Fri Jul 03 10:33:09 AM Eastern Time
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TeamOwner*PM  Help Team NotesLast ActiveOwner SinceStaying for 2012?
Anaheim Steamroller blakjakshalak blakjakshalak No notes entered 07-03-2020 2001 Staying
Buffalo Springfields abners_nephew abners_nephew No notes entered 07-02-2020 2000 Staying
Dallas Desparados Tweety79 Tweety79 No notes entered 05-13-2020 1979 Staying
Florida Riptide BigRedMachine BigRedMachine No notes entered 07-03-2020 1975 Staying
Houston Skorpions Dragon6479 Dragon6479 No notes entered 05-13-2020 1980 Staying
Indianapolis COLTS Natebeck None No notes entered 06-05-2020 2011 Unknown
Las Vegas Gambler's EXL28 EXL28 No notes entered 07-03-2020 2004 Staying
Milwaukee Kringle's JAFernandez JAFernandez No notes entered 07-02-2020 2011 Staying
Minnesota Scotsmen minnesotamike minnesotamike No notes entered 07-01-2020 1965 Staying
Nashville Hunters GnomeSane GnomeSane No notes entered 07-02-2020 1991 Staying
New York GMEN Moondog41 Moondog41 No notes entered 07-02-2020 1994 Staying
Portland Pirates RuKzo RuKzo No notes entered 06-08-2020 2011 Unknown
San Antonio Dragons DrizztDuOrden DrizztDuOrden No notes entered 07-03-2020 1960 Staying
San Francisco Bee Hind HumYai HumYai No notes entered 07-02-2020 1969 Staying
San Jose Nightwalker Nightwalker Nightwalker No notes entered 06-29-2020 2011 Staying
Tennessee Troubadours Lime Lime No notes entered 07-03-2020 1994 Unknown
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