Injury Report

Injuries as of 12-14-2053

Name Pos Team Date Injury Days Week 16 Week 17
Aubrey Simpson TE British Columbia Brawlers 12-07 Shoulder muscle strain 8 Doubtful Probable
Deshea Frederick LB Brooklyn Giants 10-26 Shoulder dislocation 1 Probable Probable
Ken Jones DT Brooklyn Giants 12-07 Finger fracture 9 Doubtful Probable
Fred Embree T Brooklyn Giants 11-09 Lower leg fracture 17 Out Doubtful
Happy Uram TE Carolina Tigers 12-14 ACL sprain 24 Out Out
Roger Aikens CB Carolina Tigers 12-07 Mild concussion 2 Probable Probable
Doug Yackanich DT Carolina Tigers 12-07 Wrist dislocation 9 Doubtful Probable
George Morrow DT Chicago KnightCaps 12-14 Hip muscle strain 11 Out Probable
Aaron Junker CB Chicago KnightCaps 12-14 Knee contusion 4 Probable Probable
Jim Wheeler DT Detroit Whisperers 12-07 Shoulder dislocation 30 Out Out
Zern Green DT Green Bay Packers 12-14 Complete PCL tear 221 Out Out
Pete Johnson WR Green Bay Packers 11-30 Ankle ligament sprain 11 Out Probable
Michael Chandler G Green Bay Packers 11-09 PCL sprain 6 Questionable Probable
Dick Haddix WR Miami Mambas 11-23 Hamstring strain 5 Probable Probable
Bob Marker S Miami Mambas 12-07 Finger fracture 5 Probable Probable
Bobby Hill DT Miami Mambas 12-14 Knee contusion 7 Questionable Probable
Randy Harris WR Miami Mambas 11-23 Neck nerve injury 19 Out Out
John Miles CB Michigan Marauders 11-02 MCL sprain 3 Probable Probable
Dick Singletary RB Michigan Marauders 12-07 Foot ligament sprain 8 Doubtful Probable
Alfred Crawford DT Milwaukee Militants 11-16 Shoulder dislocation 36 Out Out
Jake Kotite WR Minnesota Wolves 12-07 Hip contusion 8 Doubtful Probable
Emanuel Niles DE Montreal Machine 11-23 Hamstring strain 16 Out Doubtful
James Boettcher T Montreal Machine 12-14 Shoulder muscle strain 8 Doubtful Probable
Steve Moreland DT Nashville Orcas 12-07 Shoulder muscle strain 11 Out Probable
Dennis War T New Orleans REBELS 12-07 Shoulder dislocation 34 Out Out
Alabama Lloyd G New Orleans REBELS 11-30 Patella tendon injury 20 Out Out
Gary Demko RB New Orleans REBELS 12-07 Ankle ligament sprain 5 Probable Probable
Tony Seidelson WR New York Lightning 12-14 Mild concussion 10 Out Probable
Mark Martin RB Omaha Oozen Oz 11-30 ACL sprain 7 Questionable Probable
Hank Brewer WR Philadelphia Federalists 11-30 Knee derangement 9 IR IR
Ricky Montgomery CB Pittsburgh River Raiders 11-09 Patella tendon injury 5 Probable Probable
Mike Bolton CB Pittsburgh River Raiders 12-07 Finger fracture 11 Out Probable
Percy Osborne C Pittsburgh River Raiders 12-14 Mild concussion 6 Questionable Probable
Bhawoh Sarausky CB Pittsburgh River Raiders 11-23 Knee derangement 10 Out Probable
Kelvin Smith RB Providence Scorpions 11-23 Rib fracture 8 Doubtful Probable
David Sucic TE Providence Scorpions 11-16 Hamstring strain 2 Probable Probable
Ray Poole S Providence Scorpions 12-14 Moderate concussion 10 Out Probable
Frank McMath S Rochester Explorers 12-07 PCL sprain 26 Out Out
Jess Zimmerman CB Rochester Explorers 12-14 Hip muscle strain 10 Out Probable
Bob "D." Bagg DT San Diego Sun Devils 11-23 ACL sprain 9 Doubtful Probable
June Zelencik S San Diego Sun Devils 11-23 Ankle ligament sprain 1 Probable Probable
Derrick Mahrt LB San Diego Sun Devils 12-14 Knee derangement 18 Out Out
Tommy Dennerlein TE San Diego Sun Devils 12-07 Lower leg fracture 51 Out Out
Mark Moore CB San Diego Sun Devils 10-19 Complete ACL tear 168 IR IR
Chris Wheeler DE San Jose Czars 12-07 Ankle ligament sprain 17 Out Doubtful
Jack Brown CB Seattle Dragons 11-16 Partial ACL tear 7 Questionable Probable
Woody Johnson WR Seattle Dragons 12-07 Complete MCL tear 196 Out Out
Art Usher CB Tennessee Shawnees 11-23 Neck nerve injury 5 Probable Probable
DeQuinta Stiles WR Tennessee Shawnees 12-14 Ankle ligament sprain 22 Out Out
Jim Stokes WR Tulsa Reapers 11-24 Hip fracture 48 IR IR
Willie Drummond TE Virginia Bridgeburners 11-16 Hand fracture 24 Out Out
Ron Coleman G Virginia Bridgeburners 11-16 Hip fracture 51 Out Out
Data TE Washington Stargazers 11-23 ACL sprain 3 Probable Probable
53 players are currently injured in the Franco Harris Football League.