Injury Report

Injuries as of 12-29-2013

Name Pos Team Date Injury Days WC Round Conf Round
Charlie Odom DE Brooklyn Jesters 12-22 Knee derangement 16 Out Doubtful
Hal Weaver TE Chicago Dawgs 12-29 Knee contusion 14 Out Questionable
Lionel Taylor WR Cleveland Ironmen 12-29 Hip contusion 4 Probable Probable
Don Poppowell C Cleveland Ironmen 12-15 Finger fracture 6 Questionable Probable
Aveoli Duct T Dallas Blah 12-08 Ankle ligament sprain 7 Questionable Probable
Barium Fluobromide LB Dallas Blah 12-22 ACL sprain 13 Out Questionable
Andy Kelly G Green Bay Brawlers 12-22 Lower leg fracture 58 Out Out
Harry Pietrzak TE Green Bay Brawlers 12-22 Ankle ligament sprain 17 Out Doubtful
Kenyon Smith T Miami Cobras 12-23 Foot ligament sprain 3 IR IR
Carl Nutten T Montreal Mastodon 12-22 Ankle ligament sprain 18 Out Out
Clark Cheatham LB Nashville Sharks 12-01 Ankle ligament sprain 4 Probable Probable
Jim Thomas RB Nashville Sharks 12-29 Hip fracture 67 Out Out
Duane McGee C Nashville Sharks 12-29 Moderate concussion 12 Out Probable
Gene Foster RB Nashville Sharks 12-15 Knee derangement 14 Out Questionable
Ray Discenzo LB New England Red Soxx 12-29 Wrist fracture 40 Out Out
Derrick Plummer LB New England Red Soxx 12-15 Hamstring strain 8 Doubtful Probable
Doc Cole G New England Red Soxx 12-22 Quadricep contusion 4 Probable Probable
17 players are currently injured in the Curly Lambeau Football League.