Injury Report

Injuries as of 10-25-2032

Name Pos Team Date Injury Days Week 8 Week 9
John McChesney CB Green Bay Brawlers 10-03 Severe concussion 5 Questionable Probable
Skinny Whiteboy WR Memphis Mephitic Miasma 10-17 MCL sprain 22 Out Out
Del Sweet LB Montreal Mastodon 10-10 Shoulder muscle strain 1 Probable Probable
Marcus Strugar LB Nashville Sharks 10-24 Ankle ligament sprain 28 Out Out
Bill Johns C New Jersey Jokers 10-17 Hip muscle strain 4 Probable Probable
Al Magerkurth CB New Jersey Jokers 10-03 PCL sprain 12 Out Questionable
Dan Matsu P Pittsburgh Polecats 10-24 ACL sprain 28 Out Out
David Thomas G Pittsburgh Polecats 10-17 Hand fracture 37 Out Out
Harvey Borland LB Pittsburgh Polecats 10-17 Hamstring strain 22 Out Out
Pretty Kitty RB Providence Punch-Drunk 10-24 Shoulder joint injury 42 Out Out
TyNee Dancer DE Providence Punch-Drunk 10-24 Shoulder ligament sprain 10 Out Probable
Jo Moma DE Providence Punch-Drunk 10-24 Rib fracture 21 Out Out
Mike Haddad DT San Diego Falcons 10-24 Hip contusion 3 Probable Probable
Detron Manning LB St. Louis Cardinals 10-24 Leg contusion 5 Questionable Probable
Craig Huffman CB St. Louis Cardinals 10-24 ACL sprain 28 Out Out
Jim Kane WR St. Louis Cardinals 09-27 Complete ACL tear 225 IR IR
Franklin Laughton CB Tulsa Osage 10-24 ACL sprain 27 Out Out
Andy Jones S Tulsa Osage 10-24 Elbow inflammation 9 Out Probable
18 players are currently injured in the Curly Lambeau Football League.