Injury Report

Injuries as of 10-21-2019

Name Pos Team Date Injury Days Week 8 Week 9
Jimmie Jonasen WR Chicago Dawgs 10-20 Lower back muscle strain 23 Out Out
Skip Largent LB Chicago Dawgs 09-29 ACL sprain 3 Probable Probable
Bobby Victor WR Cleveland Ironmen 10-13 Ankle ligament sprain 16 Out Doubtful
Adrian Frerotte S Edmonton Frostbite 10-20 Hip muscle strain 3 Probable Probable
Walt Bieniemy S Green Bay Brawlers 10-06 ACL sprain 13 Out Questionable
Backfield Spectre LB Memphis Mephitic Miasma 10-06 Finger fracture 4 Probable Probable
Eugene Delhomme CB Montreal Mastodon 10-20 Hip contusion 3 Probable Probable
Dick Sheehan CB Nashville Sharks 10-13 ACL sprain 24 Out Out
Gary Blacklock QB Nashville Sharks 10-13 Shoulder dislocation 63 Out Out
Bryan Graham G Nashville Sharks 10-20 Shoulder muscle strain 11 Out Probable
Pat Johnson WR Phoenix Solars 10-13 Shoulder ligament sprain 3 Probable Probable
Walt Rogers DE Phoenix Solars 09-29 Wrist fracture 27 Out Out
Adolphus Olenchalk G Providence Devine 10-20 PCL sprain 25 Out Out
Tom Swift DT San Diego Pirates 09-23 Hip fracture 22 IR IR
Drew Tripplett WR Tulsa Osage 08-12 Complete PCL tear 229 IR IR
15 players are currently injured in the Curly Lambeau Football League.