Injury Report

Injuries as of 09-15-2025

Name Pos Team Date Injury Days Week 3 Week 4
Dextor Perplextor LB Edmonton Frostbite 08-24 Lower leg fracture 29 Out Out
L'Vernon Surly DE Edmonton Frostbite 09-07 Leg contusion 1 Probable Probable
Bull Harness DT Memphis Mephitic Miasma 09-14 Hip contusion 8 Doubtful Probable
Emerson Doyle CB New England Red Soxx 09-07 Partial ACL tear 47 Out Out
Razor Clam QB New England Red Soxx 08-31 Groin pull 4 Probable Probable
Javin Buckley T Phoenix Solars 09-07 Quadricep contusion 4 Probable Probable
Bud Russell C Pittsburgh Piranhas 09-07 Severe concussion 22 Out Out
Corey Sykes CB Pittsburgh Piranhas 09-14 Partial PCLtear 46 Out Out
Bob Shiver G Pittsburgh Piranhas 08-31 Ankle ligament sprain 5 Questionable Probable
Frank Barker RB San Diego Falcons 09-14 Quadricep contusion 8 Doubtful Probable
Don Lio LB St. Louis Cardinals 09-14 Leg contusion 5 Questionable Probable
Tony Germany RB Tennessee Tuxedos 09-07 Wrist inflammation 3 Probable Probable
Franklin Laughton CB Tulsa Osage 09-07 ACL sprain 13 Out Questionable
13 players are currently injured in the Curly Lambeau Football League.