Injury Report

Injuries as of 09-09-2091

Name Pos Team Date Injury Days Week 2 Week 3
Nick Talton TE Chicago 34's 08-12 Wrist fracture 12 Out Probable
Horse Arndt WR Minnesota Cardinals 09-09 Hamstring strain 27 Out Out
Hubie Campbell LB New England Pirates 09-02 Quadricep contusion 1 Probable Probable
Eric London T New England Pirates 09-09 Ankle ligament sprain 30 Out Out
Wilbert Brown K New York Omnipresent 09-02 Patella tendon injury 7 Questionable Probable
Ralph McGill T New York Omnipresent 09-09 Shoulder muscle strain 20 Out Out
Wayne Lurth S Washington Presidents 09-02 Knee derangement 24 Out Out
Charles Anders G Washington Presidents 09-02 MCL sprain 35 Out Out
8 players are currently injured in the Walter Payton Football League.