Injury Report

Injuries as of 11-13-2051

Name Pos Team Date Injury Days Week 11 Week 12
Zack Kahl S Anaheim Wolves 10-22 Knee derangement 1 Probable Probable
Mike Roderick T Arizona Bandits 11-12 Mild concussion 10 Out Probable
Julian Dunaway T Arizona Bandits 10-22 Ankle ligament sprain 1 Probable Probable
Rex Frisch DT Buffalo Souldiers 10-29 Shoulder dislocation 43 Out Out
Ron DeVita T Denver Broncos 11-12 Knee derangement 28 Out Out
Lyle Smith LB Denver Broncos 11-12 Hip contusion 8 Doubtful Probable
Flozell Pollack T Green Bay Lightning 11-12 Quadricep contusion 5 Questionable Probable
Mike Fulton CB Green Bay Lightning 11-05 Hip fracture 73 Out Out
Max Comer T Green Bay Lightning 10-08 Wrist fracture 14 Out Questionable
Geno Tidd S Green Bay Lightning 11-05 ACL sprain 17 Out Out
Cary Hunter LB Los Angeles Hollywood Stars 11-05 Foot ligament sprain 8 Doubtful Probable
Mike Hughes C Los Angeles Gold Standard 11-05 Hip contusion 4 Probable Probable
Alex Recher G New England Red Socks 10-22 PCL sprain 6 Questionable Probable
Eddie Benson S New England Red Socks 10-22 MCL sprain 13 Out Questionable
Chuck Wyman RB New England Red Socks 11-05 Finger fracture 1 Probable Probable
Rich Olson LB New England Red Socks 11-05 Ankle ligament sprain 16 Out Doubtful
Beno Williams LB Philadelphia Eagles 11-05 Finger fracture 7 Doubtful Probable
Ryan Rosenberger LB San Antonio Train-Robbers 10-29 Knee derangement 10 Out Probable
18 players are currently injured in the Vince Lombardi Football League.