Injury Report

Injuries as of 08-29-2089

Name Pos Team Date Injury Days Week PS4 Week 1
Bill Myers G Brooklyn Bills 08-28 Leg contusion 11 Out Probable
Ron Hundon LB Kansas City Boom 08-28 Groin pull 9 Out Probable
Lee McMurtry DT Montreal Mercurians 08-21 Ankle ligament sprain 26 Out Out
Nathan Tanuvasa G Rochester Monkeyshines 08-14 Foot ligament sprain 1 Probable Probable
Paul Bentzin RB San Antonio Radars 08-28 Shoulder dislocation 48 Out Out
Harlan Johnson LB Washington Works 08-21 Ankle ligament sprain 6 Questionable Probable
6 players are currently injured in the Barry Sanders Football League.