Injury Report

Injuries as of 12-09-2096

Name Pos Team Date Injury Days Week 15 Week 16
Brian Hirsch S Baltimore Aces 12-09 Hip contusion 8 Doubtful Probable
Marshall Harms CB Carolina Huskies 11-04 Complete PCL tear 227 IR IR
Wilbur Marshall LB Chicago Bears 10-21 Shoulder dislocation 2 Probable Probable
Cal Burroughs S Cleveland Rockers 11-19 MCL sprain 3 IR IR
Derrick Stewart DE Cleveland Rockers 10-07 Complete ACL tear 170 IR IR
Larry Chamberlain G Dallas Black Knights 12-09 Mild concussion 9 Doubtful Probable
Rod Long DT Dallas Black Knights 12-02 Ankle ligament sprain 13 Out Questionable
Phil Sims DE Detroit Hitmen 11-18 MCL sprain 14 Out Questionable
Kendyl Shipp DT Detroit Hitmen 11-25 Hamstring strain 5 Probable Probable
Leland Holloway WR Montreal Marauders 08-12 Complete PCL tear 131 IR IR
Tony Fritsch S Montreal Marauders 12-02 Shoulder muscle strain 6 Questionable Probable
A.C. Cody DT Montreal Marauders 12-02 Knee contusion 7 Questionable Probable
Henry Dunn WR Phoenix Pinky Swear 12-09 Finger fracture 22 Out Out
Ed Carter C Sacramento Solars 12-09 Abdominal strain 9 Doubtful Probable
Mose Keeney T St. Louis Cardinals 11-26 Ankle ligament sprain 3 IR IR
Harold Segretta LB St. Louis Cardinals 11-26 Shoulder dislocation 42 IR IR
Fred Smith DT St. Louis Cardinals 12-03 Shoulder muscle strain 8 IR IR
Bill Louderback T Virginia Vendaval 11-18 Shoulder ligament sprain 3 Probable Probable
18 players are currently injured in the Jim Brown Football League.