Injury Report

Injuries as of 09-26-2072

Name Pos Team Date Injury Days Week 4 Week 5
Jim Gaison RB Atlanta Explosion 09-11 Hamstring strain 3 Probable Probable
Don Gildea DE Atlanta Explosion 09-11 Shoulder ligament sprain 6 Questionable Probable
Dave Towle DT Atlanta Explosion 09-25 Hip contusion 3 Probable Probable
Jeff Goode LB Baltimore Blaze Starrs 09-25 Wrist fracture 37 Out Out
Al Willis DT Boston Rampage 09-25 Knee derangement 25 Out Out
Charles Augusterfer LB Boston Rampage 09-11 Hamstring strain 5 Questionable Probable
Jim Kadish CB Brooklyn Bombers 09-25 Mild concussion 6 Questionable Probable
D.J. Johnson DT Buffalo Blizzards 09-25 Ankle ligament sprain 15 Out Doubtful
Chuck Guy TE Calgary Kats 09-25 Mild concussion 9 Out Probable
Red Herock G Chicago CORRUPTION 09-18 ACL sprain 19 Out Out
Ron Lazetich QB Chicago CORRUPTION 09-18 Ankle ligament sprain 14 Out Questionable
Oxie Ellis WR Cincinnati Hawks 09-25 Leg contusion 3 Probable Probable
Steve Nunn DE Cincinnati Hawks 09-25 Hip contusion 8 Doubtful Probable
Bob Spelin DE Cincinnati Hawks 09-25 Mild concussion 1 Probable Probable
Bobby Dugan WR Cleveland Golden Domes 09-18 Elbow inflammation 4 Probable Probable
Charley Kuusisto TE Cleveland Golden Domes 09-04 Hamstring strain 1 Probable Probable
Phil Fallon RB Dallas Hunters 09-25 Shoulder ligament sprain 25 Out Out
Ted Pease S Dallas Hunters 09-04 Ankle ligament sprain 9 Out Probable
Lyle Snyder DE Green Bay Packers 09-25 Hip contusion 10 Out Probable
Brian Kuechenberg LB Green Bay Packers 09-25 ACL sprain 15 Out Doubtful
Deltha Monroe RB Houston Stars 09-25 Quadricep contusion 7 Doubtful Probable
Lee Kamana S Indianapolis Ponies 09-11 Ankle ligament sprain 10 Out Probable
Kevin Dwyer CB Las Vegas Thunderbirds 09-25 Hip muscle strain 10 Out Probable
Steve Kors WR Las Vegas Thunderbirds 09-25 Hip contusion 8 Doubtful Probable
Ralph Sampson T Los Angeles Kings 08-21 Lower leg fracture 4 Probable Probable
Tim Albert RB Los Angeles Kings 09-11 Partial ACL tear 17 Out Out
Harry Murphy TE Michigan D-Bags 09-11 Ankle ligament sprain 13 Out Questionable
Carel Bordano LB Michigan D-Bags 09-25 Shoulder muscle strain 20 Out Out
Gene Lamontagne LB Michigan D-Bags 09-04 Shoulder ligament sprain 4 Probable Probable
Frank Partlow QB Minnesota Moose 09-18 Rib fracture 18 Out Out
Rod Brooks S Minnesota Moose 09-11 Hand fracture 40 Out Out
Dick Mathis DE New England Whisperers 09-11 Complete ACL tear 212 Out Out
Don Cannon RB New England Whisperers 09-25 Wrist inflammation 10 Out Probable
Bill Cain CB Orlando Mice 09-18 Ankle ligament sprain 6 Questionable Probable
Henry Mangum CB Orlando Mice 09-18 Ankle ligament sprain 15 Out Doubtful
Jerrel Hairston RB Pittsburgh Palookas 09-18 Hamstring strain 17 Out Out
Doug Hunley DE Sacramento Shamrocks 09-18 Finger fracture 8 Doubtful Probable
Billy Baldwin LB Sacramento Shamrocks 09-04 Shoulder dislocation 17 Out Out
Russ Hamilton T San Antonio Auto Texans 09-04 Severe concussion 7 Doubtful Probable
Jim Partridge RB San Antonio Auto Texans 09-25 Mild concussion 4 Probable Probable
Jim Waldsmith DE San Antonio Auto Texans 09-25 Leg contusion 5 Questionable Probable
Terry Ward CB San Francisco 49ers 09-25 Leg contusion 4 Probable Probable
Henry Munday WR Seattle Sea Chickens 09-25 Wrist inflammation 15 Out Doubtful
Dick Williams G Tampa Bay Privateers 09-25 Knee contusion 6 Questionable Probable
Bernie Gussie WR Tampa Bay Privateers 09-18 Knee derangement 18 Out Out
Mazio Duncan RB Tampa Bay Privateers 09-11 Shoulder muscle strain 1 Probable Probable
Joe Rienstra DE Toledo Buckeyes 09-25 Hip contusion 1 Probable Probable
Tony Manning RB Toledo Buckeyes 09-11 Shoulder dislocation 36 Out Out
Ron Bush DE Virginia Cavalry 09-11 Wrist fracture 30 Out Out
49 players are currently injured in the Marcus Allen Football League.