Injury Report

Injuries as of 10-16-2073

Name Pos Team Date Injury Days Week 7 Week 8
Wes Caldwell WR Anaheim Broncos 09-24 Complete ACL tear 294 Out Out
Frank Reeves DT Anaheim Broncos 10-08 Knee derangement 22 Out Out
Dan Vedder WR Baltimore Starr Spanglers 10-01 Knee derangement 14 Out Questionable
Eric Clark DE Boston Vulcans 10-08 Hip contusion 1 Probable Probable
Bob Talton WR Brooklyn Band of Brother 09-10 Partial ACL tear 7 Doubtful Probable
Rick Rydalch T Buffalo All-Stars 10-08 Ankle ligament sprain 11 Out Probable
Marvin Staggs G Buffalo All-Stars 10-15 Leg contusion 2 Probable Probable
Bob Moegle TE Buffalo All-Stars 10-15 Hamstring strain 25 Out Out
Alan Robinson T Calgary Red Hawks 10-15 Knee contusion 7 Doubtful Probable
Lee Fenner CB Calgary Red Hawks 09-24 Patella tendon injury 8 Doubtful Probable
Joe Joseph LB Charlotte Chaos 10-08 Shoulder muscle strain 12 Out Questionable
Bob Merrill T Chicago stars 10-08 Severe concussion 26 Out Out
Earl Schmautz CB Dallas Desperadoes 10-08 Hip muscle strain 6 Questionable Probable
Lennie Morrison S Florida Gators 10-08 ACL sprain 5 Questionable Probable
Ramsey Goodwin RB Houston Hunters 10-08 Knee derangement 19 Out Out
Johnny Wafer QB Phoenix Fire 09-24 Shoulder joint injury 19 Out Out
Mat Smith G Phoenix Fire 10-08 Finger fracture 7 Doubtful Probable
Fred Hope G Phoenix Fire 10-15 Shoulder joint injury 27 Out Out
Mike Wilson P Portland Strikes 10-01 Lower back muscle strain 6 Questionable Probable
Smokey Hall CB San Jose Jupiterians 09-24 Hamstring strain 9 Out Probable
Kevin Heinrich WR Shreveport Sharks 10-08 Lower back muscle strain 23 Out Out
21 players are currently injured in the Tony Dorsett Football League.