Injury Report

Injuries as of 09-24-2090

Name Pos Team Date Injury Days Week 4 Week 5
Johnny Brooks G Arizona Black Bears 09-10 Hamstring strain 7 Questionable Probable
Alan Mucker LB Brooklyn Patriots 09-17 Knee derangement 22 Out Out
Aaron Basca DT Green Bay Blizzard 09-17 MCL sprain 43 Out Out
Raynoch Clements TE Las Vegas Bombers 09-10 Severe concussion 19 Out Out
Michael Susteric WR Miami Storm 09-10 Shoulder joint injury 5 Probable Probable
Louis McGaw WR Miami Storm 09-24 Abdominal strain 10 Out Probable
Len Miller LB Norfolk Neptunes 09-17 Mild concussion 4 Probable Probable
Jimmy Griffin DE Saskatchewan Runnin' Noses 09-17 Severe concussion 27 Out Out
Dean Hugasian LB Seattle Panthers 09-24 Shoulder joint injury 33 Out Out
Abdul Redmond QB Toronto Toros 09-17 Finger fracture 3 Probable Probable
Roger Murphy DE Toronto Toros 09-17 Ankle ligament sprain 17 Out Doubtful
Shane Watts G Toronto Toros 09-17 ACL sprain 19 Out Out
Fernandus Toran CB Washington Redskins 09-10 Knee derangement 6 Questionable Probable
13 players are currently injured in the Emmitt Smith Football League.