Injury Report

Injuries as of 01-02-2079

Name Pos Team Date Injury Days WC Round Conf Round
Irwin DeLoach C Arizona Air Benders 12-18 Ankle ligament sprain 10 Out Probable
Tiki Harrison DT Brooklyn Bastions 12-25 ACL sprain 15 Out Doubtful
James Plunkett RB Brooklyn Bastions 01-01 Hip muscle strain 16 Out Doubtful
Jim Robertson G Cincinnati Grant 12-11 Hamstring strain 1 Probable Probable
Jock Hallock S Cincinnati Grant 12-25 Knee derangement 12 Out Questionable
Bob Madison QB Dallas Steamrollers 12-18 Knee derangement 12 Out Questionable
Kelvin Dantzler TE Indianapolis COLTS 01-01 Mild concussion 4 Probable Probable
Doss Plummer CB Los Angeles Rams 12-04 Knee derangement 1 Probable Probable
Percy Risien DE Newark Fuzzy Kitties 12-18 Moderate concussion 6 Questionable Probable
John "Woodscrew" Tapeworm P San Francisco SatelliteOfLove 12-25 Ankle ligament sprain 13 Out Questionable
Cy Egan G Tennessee Sidewinders 01-01 Shoulder contusion 1 Probable Probable
Floyd Flowers T Winnipeg Zambonis 12-25 Shoulder dislocation 60 Out Out
Ralph Capps LB Winnipeg Zambonis 12-11 Shoulder joint injury 7 Doubtful Probable
George Lockwood C Winnipeg Zambonis 12-18 Ankle ligament sprain 2 Probable Probable
14 players are currently injured in the Randy Moss Football League.