Injury Report

Injuries as of 10-26-2076

Name Pos Team Date Injury Days Week 8 Week 9
Todd Herman DE Baltimore PONYS 09-27 Partial ACL tear 2 Probable Probable
Jeff Brabham RB Chicago GD 10-25 Mild concussion 2 Probable Probable
Nolan Thompson WR Chicago GD 10-11 Shoulder dislocation 31 Out Out
Ed Schneider TE Chicago GD 10-18 Mild concussion 1 Probable Probable
Fritz Kirk TE Cincinnati Gold Stars 09-27 Knee derangement 3 Probable Probable
Red Bowie G Detroit Zulu Warriors 10-11 Knee derangement 5 Questionable Probable
Derrick Fetherston G Florida Hitmanz 10-25 Shoulder muscle strain 15 Out Doubtful
Dylan Mooney WR Hartford Dogs 09-27 Lower leg fracture 6 Questionable Probable
Joe Conover LB San Francisco Lemmings 10-18 Patella tendon injury 23 Out Out
Alshon Nash CB San Jose Snarks 10-25 Hip contusion 8 Doubtful Probable
Paul Beasley CB San Jose Snarks 10-25 Hip contusion 9 Out Probable
Fred Blaise DT Tennessee Titans 10-11 Partial PCLtear 30 Out Out
Marcus Lindsey TE Tennessee Titans 10-25 Hip contusion 1 Probable Probable
13 players are currently injured in the Joe Greene Football League.